I have been in the e-commerce business for a long time and during the last months, I have been struggling due to the growing competition and fast-changing social media trends. It is very difficult to stay at the top of sales, marketing, and product development at the same time, that is why I was looking for some help. I am very glad that I found EmbarcDeals and decided to trust them. Since our cooperation, I could finally feel that my business is back on the good track and I do not have to worry about doing everything on my own. Now I have more time to focus on products itself and leave the marketing part for the specialist. Thank you EmbarcDeals team, your help is invaluable!

Klaudia Lewonczyk


I was tensed and had no way to grow my brand. It was a hard time. My employees left me and I was devastated by the fact that I cared for them but they did not deliver. I came across Embarc Deals, luckily! Everything sorted out. The stress to handle an office is of no use! Excellent service. Now I spend more time with my family and my friends, while they work for me :D

Martina Pisani


It is very important to give your business in the right hands. I have been an Amazon seller now since a number of years, honestly the journey was tough. Very tough. Embarc Deals have helped me go through thick and thin. I thank them for all their efforts and commitment shown towards my business. Today I am a happy customer! Cheers!

Pawlo Gizeh