We Started Small

Our first ever sales on Amazon, where we launched different products on a client's account as a test of our digital marketing knowledge. No concept of office or any workspace yet. Just a small start by the three co-founders.


Got Incubated

We got a small office space in our university incubation centre, where the room only had 2 chairs to work with. However, our launched account was doing pretty good and we closed more than $100k in sales in the first four months.


A Bigger Room

We got allotted to a bigger room in our university incubation centre, where we grew our team to 8 people and client acquisition grew to double figures.


Learning Curve

Focused on stable growth and an exponential increase in experience. Managed more than 200 SKUs and a portfolio of more than $500k ranging across different categories and products.


Incubation, No More!

We moved from the incubation centre to a large office, where employees grew three times and acquired more than fifty clients on different consulting models.