Product Sourcing

Providing All Your Product Sourcing Needs Under One Roof!

Embarc Deals LLC is a reliable procurement consultancy with our factory partners globally. Our expertise is in global product sourcing solutions ranging worldwide. We are your one-stop solution that provides a range of services from scratch to planning, obtaining the product, and finally receiving at your doorstep. We make sure you are fully aware of the whole ongoing process from the start to the delivery with our reliable services and customer care.

Supplier and Product Identification

The process starts by sourcing and shortlisting the suppliers and studying the products to find out the best deal we got for you!

Quote and Order

A detailed quote is presented after price verifications and negotiations based on your production needs, so you can proceed with your order.

Quality Assurance and Inspections

Samples are provided to check quality and we facilitate you by frequently inspecting the product that we deliver to our clients with a detailed final report before shipping.

Logistics and Delivery

Our logistics team ensures smooth delivery and customs clearance from factory to the final destination. We provide you estimated dates and timelines.

Product Evolution and Dispute Management

Product reviews are continuously monitored to improve its quality based on the feedback and our specialized also cater to disputes by the end of process to ensure client satisfaction.

Why Us?

  • We make sure that the product we deliver to you, meets all legal requirements and regulations.
  • We save your time, and provide you with best of the best.
  • We come with the utmost trust and reliability.
  • We provide the most durable products at affordable prices.
  • We offer most professional tracking and consultancy services.
  • We make sure that our customers can track and monitor the delivery process in detail.

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